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Development of the production system
Optimization of assembly processes and in-house logistics with the Japanese Kaizen approach More
Structural System LeanTube
Universal modular collapsible system of aluminum profiles and connectors More
Karakuri Kaizen
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Optimization and technical development of production systems by means of small-scale mechanization and process automation

On the pages of our site you can find advanced solutions and tools for optimizing production processes based on the use of the modular construction system LeanTube, consisting of various aluminum profiles and connectors. This modular collapsible system allows you to create reliable solutions for assembly plants and intralogistics.



Tilting rack (manual)
The product is taken out of the container, the empty box is returned. The changeover table tilts manually to change the container.
Hoist (with counterweight)
When the container is full, the module will descend to unload, and then return the table to its original position, the next container will be loaded automatically.
Swing unit (under weight)
This design helps to change the direction of movement of the container by 90° without rotating the container.
90° swivel assembly
This design changes the trajectory of the container by 90°, while turning the container in the direction of travel.
Automatic racking and automatic trolley
Automatic delivery of a container between a trolley connected to an AGV (automatic conveyor) and a rack. If the rack is full, the loading of containers will automatically stop.
Trolley with lifting function
This trolley is designed for work involving container loading from a high level and unloading from a low level. A lever is used to control the lifting of the table.
Unloading trolley
Unloads the container (product) from the trolley by pressing the pedal. When the pedal is released, the roller table will tilt and the container (product) will be easily transferred to the trolley from the rack. At the same time, the wheel chock will stop the container from falling off the trolley.
Folding trolley
After removing products from the top shelf, lift and lock the shelf. This will make it easy to take the products below. so you can put products without touching each other.
Multilevel rack
After the container has landed on the reversible table, the roller stop will automatically unlock, the table will tilt and allow the container to move to a lower level.
Single cutter
When the front container is removed, only one container is fed from the rack, so unloading is not cluttered.
This device allows you to pull the container out from under the stack. Implements the FIFO principle: "first in, first out".
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Structures from the LeanTube profile are a part or a whole device for working in a warehouse or in a production area. A distinctive feature of these devices is the use of components of a single standard in the assembly. This will allow you to adjust the assembled structure if some of its parameters make working with it inconvenient or non-functional. For example, it is easy to adjust the height of the cart rail or add an extra shelf to the table.

The adjustment possibilities of any structure made of the Green Frame profile represent continuous perfection, the so-called. Kaizen, a philosophy applied in most Japanese industries.

Tubular aluminum profile, different types of connectors, supports, wheels and other accessories allow you to work with this set of elements as with a designer, easily assembling and disassembling it. This makes it possible not only to modernize your equipment, but also to remake it into a completely different design. For example, by adding a panel, make a simple table on wheels from a cart. Thanks to the unique shape of the profile and connectors, this does not require much effort and long adjustment times.

From a wide variety of GF profiles and components, light structures, elevators, hoists, shooters, etc., called Karakuri, are assembled.