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Introducing Green Frame prefabricated structures!

Previously, in the Russian market, lean manufacturing systems were represented only by Trilogiq and Logiform. On the pages of our website you can find similar and innovative solutions for optimizing your production, based on the use of the Japanese construction system SUS GF from aluminum profile pipes.



Structures made of SUS profile are designed for warehouse and industrial applications. They are distinguished by a unified standard used in assembly of components. It will allow you to make adjustments to the assembled unit, if any of its parameters hamper its convenience or functionality. For instance, it is easy to adjust handle height on a trolley or add another shelf to a table.
The ability to adjust any Green Frame structure reflects the continuous striving for perfection — so called Kaizen philosophy, which is applied by most Japanese manufacturers.
Tubular aluminum profile, various types of connectors, feet, casters, and other accessories allow you to treat these elements as a construction set, easily assemble and disassemble it. This enables you not only to update your equipment, but change its structure completely. For example, by adding a panel you can turn a trolley into a simple table on casters. Thanks to the unique profile and connectors, you don’t need a lot of effort and time to make adjustments.
Out of the wide variety of GF profiles and accessories you can assemble light structures, elevators, industrial lifts, gravity flow racks and so called Karakuri structures.

Why I am choosing SUS aluminum profiles:

быстрота сборки профиля sus

Quick and simple assembly.

Compared to steel profile, assembly time is reduced by 60 % thanks to the unique connection system.

легкость алюминиевого профиля sus

Light weight.

Aluminum profile is 40 % lighter than steel profile with polymeric coating.

эстетичность алюминиевого профиля sus


Thanks to smooth anodized surface, the aluminum profile does not accumulate dirt and cracks.

klt контейнер


Perfectly suitable for Euro (KLT) containers.

экологичность алюминиевого профиля sus

Environmental friendliness.

The aluminum profile is suitable for full recycling and secondary usage.


Kaizen technologies.

SUS prefabricated structures reflect application of Kaizen principles in manufacturing.

патентGreen Frame aluminum profile is patented.