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About company

    SUS Corporation is a Japanese company that has been in business since 1992. In over 20 years of its existence, the SUS distributors have emerged in many countries around the world: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, USA, Mexico, Brasil, Korea, Taiwan, India and Indonesia. Its products are used at factories of globally renowned brands, such as Shiseido, a cosmetics brand, producer of wide format plotters Mimaki and automotive corporation TOYOTA. Many companies use SUS equipment to optimize manufacturing process and ensure efficient intralogistics. Lean production systems and Kaizen solutions involving SUS products are widely known.

    One of the leading areas of activities of SUS Corporation consist in design and production of Green Frame (GF) structures — state-of-the-art aluminum tubular profile structures. By following its core philosophy — standardization of unique designs, SUS offers a top quality and unique product. Uniqueness of these aluminum structures can be explained by their light weight, simplicity of assembly and reliability of connectors. It is also important to note that aluminum used in profiles is very resistant to corrosion and has aesthetically pleasing appearance. All these qualities make Green Frame structures versatile and suitable in many industrial environments.

    The aluminum profile is complemented by a wide selection of components, which allows assembling structures of very different kinds that serve very different purposes. Generally speaking, by using this profile and its accessories, you can assemble racks with or without guides, as well as trolleys, work desks and stands used for assembly and packing of products. Thanks to high corrosion resistance, structures made of this profile are successfully used in hydroponics and covered greenhouses in the form of racks. There are virtually unlimited variations of cabinets, production lines, furniture and even premises (smoking booths, for instance) available. A component system concept allows you to use the aluminum profile to create the whole mechanisms capable of transporting objects without electricity. All movement is based on forces of gravity, inertia and sliding, as well as long-known principles of leverage, shaft, pulley and gear action, which help increase these forces or change their direction.

   If you have production modernization or automation objectives, the profile systems will be a great solution, among benefits of which is the endless variety of applications and world-renowned Japanese quality. Llc FAM-Robotics will provide high quality assistance in picking the right profile and accessories and will develop customized engineering solutions. Our experience as professional integrator of automation solutions is confirmed by positive customer feedback and the award given by the Government of Saint Petersburg - "The Best Entrepreneur of Saint Petersburg 2012".

As the only official Russian distributor of Green Frame state-of-the-art tubular structures, FAM-Robotics is open for partnership on the entire territory or Russia and Customs Union.