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Loading and Unloading of Modules

The images below illustrate the workflow of the complex:


1. The trolley with the loaded module is brought to the empty table.



2. The trolley operator brings it to the unloading spot and pulls the Lever 1.



3. Loaded module’s own weight brings it to the fixed table. The empty module is moved to the trolley from the fixed table.



4. The operator freely rotates the rotating table with the loaded module, using a rotation brake pedal to remove the brake from the rotating table (the brake is not shown).


5. After unloading products from the module, the operator must put the rotating table into the original position and release the brake pedal. The brake pedal cannot be released when the rotating table is not in the original position. To facilitate putting a rotating table into the original position, the table is equipped with a positioning device (not shown).



6. The empty module is transported to the fixed table.