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Multi Level Shooter Unit

Multi-level rack is a chain in the production line. By using it, you can move containers from the top to the bottom level. This rack works as follows:


1. When lift the Flip-Flop Table up, the gate of Intermittent Stopper Module that locked the container will goes up too, and allow container to flow.

2. Container will move into the Flip-Flop Table and hit the trigger. Protruding Stopper Module is unlock and Flip-Flop Table will slope down.

3. When Flip-Flop Table sloped, container will be discharged.

4. After Corocon discharged container at the lower level, the Weight will bring the Flip-Flop Table back to its origin position, then back to feed next container in 1 again.

многоуровневый стеллаж


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