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Automatic Shooter and Trolley Units

This is an automatic container delivery between Trolley that connected to AGV (No man transportation truck) and Rack. If Rack is full, it will detect automatically and load function not to feed container.


1. Automatic Trolley that connected to AGV will approach to Automatic Shooter.

2. After AGV stop at the position for container delivery, container will be transfer automatically from Automatic Trolley to Automatic Shooter.

3. If Automatic Shooter is full, Full Detection Module will detect and stop Automatic Shooter to transfer.

4. After Automatic Trolley moves forward, and AGV stopped at the container delivery position, Intermittent Stopper Module on Automatic Shooter side will be release to discharge container in to Automatic Trolley.

автоматический стеллаж и автоматическая тележка


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