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Sewing Table

The objective was to design a seamstress’ workplace, which would accommodate a sewing machine. For this, a shelf was put below the table top to fit the motor of the sewing machine. A belt runs through the cut in the table top and connects the engine with the machine. Since stitching of bags is performed at the table, a special container is located on the left side of seamstress’ workplace to store bags that have not been stitched yet. Thus, the seamstress grabs a bag from the container with her left hand, stitches it, grabs it with her right hand and puts it onto the conveyor, by which the bags travel to the warehouse. The table and the bag container are a part of the same structure, which saves space and provides and ability to locate all the needed tools within the reachable radius. The table top is height-adjustable.


швейный стол