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Optimization of production FIPS-A

Optimization of Fuel Injection Pump Sub-Assembly Unit

The images feature a truck engine assembly line (fuel injection pump sub-assembly and installation unit). Thanks to introduction of SUS modular structures, the following goals were achieved:


  • Reduction of used space
  • Productivity increase
  • Reduction of manual labor
  • Simplification of manual operations
  • Material delivery cost reduction.


The production complex operation is a continuous cycle. Work area equipment consists of several working modules:


1. Rotating pedestal.

A tray installed on it rotates on its axis, facilitating the manual unloading of KLT containers with pump components to a special moving table.


2. Moving table and gear trolley.

By moving these two modules to the fuel injection pump sub-assembly area, a worker gets a fast and convenient access to components to perform further operations with them.


3. Gravity flow rack for components exchange.

Fuel injection pump subassemby put on a tray at the top tier of the gravity flow rack rolls down to the next operator’s automated lifting table propelled by forces of gravity.

When the component gets onto the table, it is automatically raised to the level of operator’s hands; the operator removes the fuel injection pump subassembly from the tray and puts it onto the conveyor line for further installation into the engine. In the meantime, the tray is lowered to the low tier level of the gravity flow rack and returns to the first operator.


4. Adjustable height podium.

The workplace of an operator who installs the fuel injection pump directly into the engine is equipped with an adjustable height podium.
The need for this design is dictated by different heights of workers who work at this area on a shift basis.